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What are Kinks ?

Kinks are, in fact, sexual fetichism. A special attraction (romantic or sexual) for practices, objects and/or clothing. Did you know that actually, most people do have at least one kink ? Let's find out yours, and demistify kinks, by checking out the "Discover" page.
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Is it known somewhere ?

As for all LGBTQ+ Prides, you will find kinksters. And you may see that, like LGBTQ+ communities, kinkters do have their own. Check-out the recap we did on the "Pride Flags" page, where we try to show every pride flag that may exists.
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I want to know more about that !

You're on the right website ! We made a list of the most recognized kinks. If the kink you are looking for is listed, simply click on the "Show More" button to get more information (how to clean rubber for exemple). If it isn't listed, ask the forum !
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